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The Nor Cal Rehabilitation service is staffed by a veterinarian certified in canine rehabilitation therapy  (CCRT) and acupuncture (CVA).  The service utilizes low-level laser therapy, electrical stimulation, dry-needle and electroacupunture, along with manual therapies and rehabilitation exercise equipment.  Hydrotherapy services are offered off-site on an as-needed basis.  Our goal is to provide individualized rehabilitation and fitness plans for each patient and client in order to provide  rapid return to optimal function and comfort.  Our therapy plans are designed to integrate with the goals and treatment plans of the patient's primary care veterinarian.  The service offers an integrative approach to patient care by combining objective, science-based, conventional medicine and physical rehabilitation with holistic philosophies and approach to develop individualized care plans for each patient.   

Rehabilitation therapy is a wonderful tool to augment your surgical, geriatric and fitness plans.   Using tools such as laser, electrical stimulation, manual therapy, on-site exercises and acupuncture along with environmental adjustments and home exercises, we can help to augment and optimize the results from your general medical and surgical treatments.  


Benefits of Postoperative Rehabilitation

Reduce post-op swelling and pain.  Expedite weight bearing.  Improve and maintain range of motion.   Reduce and prevent muscle atrophy. Target therapy to prevent future injury.  Rehabilitation therapy is also wonderful as adjunctive therapy/part of a multimodal treatment plan for geriatric, arthritic and overweight patients.  PR treatments can also assist with the management of chronic pain and other chronic/debilitating ailments such as polyarthropathy or IVDD.  PR can be used as a conditioning/optomizing treatment for the canine athlete and is frequently used by top competitors in the agility, herding, sporting fields.  

Rehabilitation services include:

-Analgesia counseling/therapy for chronic and acute pain

- manual therapy

- low level laser therapy

- electrical stimulation (TENS)

- home exercises

- on-site exercises

-strength training

-agility/fitness training

-Geriatric/arthritis care

- Joint health (range-of-motion, ROM, PROM)

- acupuncture and electroacupuncture


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