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NCVS offers a comprehensive range of mobile surgical services including orthopedic, neurologic, soft tissue/oncologic.  NCVS is committed to the development and implementation of minimally invasive techniques and offers the latest in laparoscopic, arthroscopic, and thoracoscopic procedures as well as advanced analgesic procedures including epidural analgesia, brachial plexus block, wound soaker catheters, and more.  



• Patellar Luxation correction

• Stifle stabilization for cruciate ligament rupture

       TTA, TPLO, Traditional fabellotibial “lateral suture,” Arthrex Tightrope system


• Femoral Head and neck ostectomy (FHO) for trauma, fracture, luxation, DJD

• Juvenile Pubic Symphiodesis (JPS) with OVH

• Total Hip Replacement ***

Joint/Tendon/Ligament Surgery

• Carpal/Tarsal Arthrodesis

• Stabilization for luxation, instability: hip,  

   elbow, stifle, tarsus

• OCD treatment: shoulder, tarsus, elbow,


• Elbow explore (FCP, UAP, OCD)

• Achilles tendon repairFracture Repair

Fracture Repair

• PAX Locking plate system • Standard  AO/ASIF plating

• External Skeletal Fixation (ESF) and Illizaroz ring fixator

• VetStem Autologous Stem Cell collection/implantation for DJD or ligamentous injury

Soft Tissue


• Splenectomy ***

• Nephrectomy ***

• GI/Liver biopsies

• Cystotomy

• Gastrotomy

• Liver lobectomy ***

• Feeding tube placement: gastrostomy/jejunostomy/pharyngostomy
• Anal Sacculectomy
• Hernia Repair- perineal, umbilical, diaphragmatic


• Perineal Urethrostomy

• Artificial urethral sphincter implantation for urinary incontinence

• Cystostomy tube placement for palliation of TCC

• Episioplasty for persistent UTI

• Prostatic omentalization/biopsy

• Ureterotomy for calculi; Neoureterocystotomy for ectopic ureter, TCC

ENT: Ear, Nose, and Throat / Upper Respiratory

• Arytenoid lateralization for laryngeal paralysis

• Total Ear Canal Ablation/Bulla Osteotomy for otitis media/externa

• Ventral Bulla Osteotomy for otitis media/feline nasopharyngeal polyp

• Brachycephalic Syndrome (soft palate resection/staphylectomy/rhinoplasty)

• Tracheostomy- temporary/permanent

Thoracic ***

• Lung lobectomy

• Thoracic Duct ligation/pericardiectomy for chylothorax

• Pericardiectomy

• Pleurodesis for persistent pleural effusion

• Thoracostomy tube placement

Minimally Invasive Surgery


• exploratory laparoscopy with GI and liver biopsies

• gastropexy, prophylactic

• ovariectomy/OVH, cryptorchid

• Laparoscopic Spay/Gastropexy 


• stifle, elbow, shoulder explore: OCD/FCP/bicipital tenosynovitis/menisectomy/diagnostic

• OATS- osteochondral Auto/allograft Treatment System available on request


Thoracoscopy ***

• Diagnostic, pericardiectomy, biopsy, thoracic duct ligation

• Scope assisted Lung biopsy or partial lobectomy

Neurologic ***

• Ventral Slot for cervical intervertebral disk disease (IVDD)

• Hemilaminectomy for thoracolumbar IVDD

• Lumbosacral dorsal laminectomy for LS IVDD

• Spinal Fracture Repair


• Limb Sparing for Radial Osteosarcoma ***

• Amputation

• Mastectomy: local, radical ##

• Mandibulectomy/Maxillectomy

• Mass removal ##

• Skin grafts and flaps



*** Some cases (such as those with the potential need for blood products, ventilation, advanced imaging, or critical care) are optimally performed at a 24 hour emergency/referral center but may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis.    Please call for a complimentary consultation and estimate regarding these cases.

 ## Lymphatic mapping and sentinel node resection may be performed if indicated/requested for an additional charge

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